14 April 2014

Spot Honey Badger Mountain Bike with Schlumpf Mountain Drive Crankset

Singlespeed mountain biking has gained a devoted following in recent years, as more and more riders have been thinking outside the box and opting for simple, stripped-down bikes that let them focus solely on the experience of the ride. The flipside of that simplicity is that the gearing limitations of a singlespeed just don’t suffice on some trails, especially in steep hilly areas. We put together this belt drive Spot Honey Badger for a customer who told us he enjoyed singlespeeding but needed a gearing boost to get up the steeper hills on his local trails in Santa Rosa, California. We added a Schlumpf Mountain Drive to give him an ultra-low gear to get up the most extreme grades on the trail while still retaining the simple singlespeed aesthetic and belt drive compatibility.

03 April 2014

Rohloff-Equipped Civia Hyland Adventure Road Bike

We showcase a lot of new Rohloff-equipped bikes on The Monkey Lab, but we also do Rohloff retrofits and refurbs on existing bikes from time to time. This Civia Hyland was originally built for a friend of ours for commuting and wet weather road rides. He has been thinking about replacing the frame but hasn't found something he likes better yet, so he decided to redo his existing bike to make it new and exciting again before taking off on a "credit card tour" down the California and Oregon coasts this summer. We outfitted the bike with a shiny new paint job, a brand new hydraulic disc brake system, a fresh wheel build, and a handful of other component upgrades.

22 March 2014

Monkey Ride: Neil’s Surly Krampus 29+ Mountain Bike with Suspension Fork, Belt Drive, and Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14

Neil built this Surly Krampus after test riding Tyler's Krampus and others we've built for customers and realizing that he needed one of his own. Naturally, he chose a Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 and Gates Carbon Drive belt system for the drivetrain. The bike was finished just before Neil and Phil drove north for the Seattle Bicycle Expo, and Neil took it out for its first rides on the famed trails of the Pacific Northwest. The Krampus proved to be a very capable trail bike, with the oversize tires, stable handling, suspension fork, and dropper seatpost making for a fun all-mountain hardtail that is well suited to Neil's riding style.

We've put together quite a few Krampus builds for customers using the stock steel fork that comes with the frames, but most of these builds have had a touring or commuting focus, where the rigid fork is appropriate. The 3" wide tires that these bikes use provide some minor suspension that smooths out bumpy roads, but Neil wanted his own bike to be tailored towards more aggressive mountain biking where a suspension fork is a must - similar to the Krampus we built for the Interbike trade show: a durable ride capable of hitting jumps, rock gardens, and tight, twisty trails with ease.

20 March 2014

How To Video: Rohloff SPEEDHUB Sprocket Removal

Continuing our series of videos of how to service your Rohloff SPEEDHUB, our latest video explains the sprocket removal process. In this video, Neil walks you through how to remove and replace a worn sprocket or install a belt drive sprocket. View the video below:

19 March 2014

Surly Troll Mountain/Touring/Commuting Bike with Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 and Schmidt Dynamo

This black and silver Surly Troll was built for a customer of ours in San Francisco who was looking for the ideal all-around bike for the many different kinds of riding he planned to do. He wanted to be able to ride comfortably both on road and off, ride around town to run errands, and go on some longer tours. As with many of our customers, versatility and durability were priorities for this build, which is why the bike was built around the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 drivetrain.