27 September 2015

Ventana El Gordo Fat Bike Packages - Fall 2015


For fall of 2015, we have revamped our Ventana El Gordo Fat Bike packages.  These bikes have proven to be solid performers for many types of riding over the past year.  We made updates based on new parts introduced in the past year as well as introducing suggested builds for snow/sand, trail, and touring use.  The frame, Rohloff SPEEDHUB XL gear hub, and Gates Carbon Drive belt system carry forward.  See chart below for details.


We've worked with Ventana Mountain Bikes USA to create a special Cycle Monkey edition of their US-made El Gordo fat bike frame. The Cycle Monkey edition will feature dedicated cable routing for the Rohloff SPEEDHUB and stealth dropper seatposts. These frames are also belt drive compatible through Ventana's clever adjustable dropout system for the most maintenance-free fat bike drivetrain available. Options are available to build the bikes up with a suspension fork and dropper seatpost for trail use or with a rigid fork and post for sand/snow use.

Contact us at info@cyclemonkey.com or 510-868-1777 to place an order.

Ventana El Gordo Build Kit Options

The new SPEEDHUB XL (left), and the original SPEEDHUB 500/14 (right)

Rohloff SPEEDHUB XL features

  • 14 gears with a 526% overall change in gear ratio offers the same range as most three by nine mountain bike derailleur systems.
  • Same proven hub internals as the SPEEDHUB 500/14 provides 100,000+ miles of reliable service.
  • Shifting mechanism is completely protected within the hubshell and sealed from the elements.
  • Shift reliably in sand, snow, mud, and other riding conditions that are harsh on traditional drivetrains.
  • Shift between gears at any time, even when coasting or while stopped.
  • Hub needs no maintenance other than an annual oil change.
  • Large diameter, symmetrical hub flanges build into strong wheels.

    Ventana El Gordo frame features

    • Ventana tapered head tube (1-1/8" to 1.5")
    • Ventana proprietary three bolt swinging adjustable dropouts
    • Belt drive compatible - drive side dropout separates from seat stay to insert belt into rear triangle
    • Cycle Monkey edition has dedicated cable routing for Rohloff SPEEDHUB shift cables and stealth dropper seatposts
    • 170mm rear axle spacing
    • Symmetric frame can be built with any fat bike rim size, including 29+
    • Chainstay yoke provides ample clearance for large volume tires (4.8" tires on 100mm rims)
    • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL (see geometry chart here)
    • Custom geometry available upon request for additional charge.
    • Carbon Black or Mango Tango
    • Additional colors available for additional charge

    Upgrades and options available

    • Crank Color: (black, red, blue (signature build kit only))
    • Crank Length: (170, 175mm)
    • Spoke and Nipple Color: (black or silver)
    • Rotor Sizes: (160 or 180 mm rear; 160, 180, or 203 mm front)
    • Seatpost Color: (black or silver (signature build kit only))
    • Stem Color, Angle, and Length: (black or silver, 0° or 10°, 50 - 130 mm (signature build kit); black, +/- 6°, 60-110m (standard build kit))
    • Pedals: Quoted upon request
    • Choice of standard powder coat colors:
    Carbon Black
    Mango Tango

    • Custom Paint: $50 upcharge
    Cosmic Orange
    Gloss Black
    Grinch Green
    Team Blue Sparkle
    Jail House Blue
    Mercedes Blue
    Sky White
    • Candy Paint: $90 upcharge
    Candy Blue
    Candy Purple
    Candy Raspberry
    Candy Red
    Candy Teal

    • Fork Options:

    Ice Cream Truck, 150mm
    Signature: -$214
    Standard: Stock Option
    Salsa Bearpaw, 150mm
    Signature: Stock Option
    Standard: +$214

    Rock Shox Bluto
    (80, 100, or 120mm of travel)
    Signature: +$312
    Standard +$526
    Gloss Black, Matte Black, or White
    Lauf Carbonara, 150mm (60mm of travel)
    Signature: +617
    Standard: +$831
    Gloss Black, Matte Black, or White
    Salsa Makwa Carbon, 142mm
    Signature: +$117
    Standard: +$331
    • Saddle Options:
    WTB Race: Volt-142, Pure (pictured),
    or Rocket-150 models
    Signature: -$89
    Standard: Stock Option
    WTB Pro: Volt-142, Pure,
    Rocket-150 or Silverado models
    Signature: -$66
    Standard: +$23
    WTB Team: Volt-142, Pure,
    Rocket-150 or Silverado models
    Signature: +$8
    Standard: +$97
    611 MTB Active Cro-Mo
    Signature: Stock Option
    Standard: +$89
    Selle Anatomica Titanico NSX
    Signature: +$37
    Standard: +$126
    • Seatpost Options:
    Race Face Ride
    Signature: -$58
    Standard: Stock Option
    Thomson Elite
    Signature: Stock
    Standard: +$58
    Cane Creek Thudbuster
    ST or LT model
    Signature: +$80
    Standard: +$139
    Syntace Hi-Flex
    Signature:  +$146
    Standard: +$204
    Rock Shox Reverb Stealth
    Signature: +$368
    Standard: +$426
    Thomson Dropper Covert
    Signature: +$395
    Standard: +$453
    • Handlebar Options:
    Race Face Ride XC
    Signature: -$64
    Standard: Stock Option
    Thomson AM Alloy
    Signature: Stock Option
    Standard: +$65
    Salsa Bend 2
    Signature: -$29
    Standard: +$35
    Jeff Jones Alum Loop H-Bar
    Signature: +$45
    Standard: +$109
    Thomson AM Carbon
    Signature: +$60
    Standard: +$125

    • Crank Options:

    Race Face Aeffect Cinch
    24mm Spindle
    Signature: -$102
    Standard: Stock Option

    Race Face Turbine Cinch
     30mm Spindle
    Signature: Stock Option
    Standard: +$102
    Race Face Next SL Cinch 
    30mm Spindle
    Signature: +$217
    Standard: +$318

    24mm Spindle
    Signature: +$53
    Standard: +$154

    • Bottom Bracket Options:
    Race Face Stainless
    Requires 24mm Spindle
    Signature: N/A
    Standard: Stock Option
    Hope Stainless
    Requires 24mm Spindle
    Signature: N/A
    Standard: +$122
    Chris King Stainless
    Requires 24mm Spindle
    Signature: N/A
    Standard: +$155
    Race Face Cinch
    Requires 30mm Spindle
    Signature: Stock Option
    Standard: N/A
    Hope 30mm Stainless
    Requires 30mm Spindle
    Signature: +$122
    Standard: N/A

    • Headset Options:

    Cane Creek 40
    Signature: -$57
    Standard: Stock Option
    Signature: Stock Option
    Standard: +$57.18
    Chris King
    Signature: +$56
    Standard: +$113

    • Brake Options: 
    • Magura MT2
      Signature: -$185
      Standard: Stock Option
      Magura MT4
      Signature: -$74
      Standard: +$111
      Magura MT5
      Signature: Stock Option
      Standard: +$185
      Magura MT6
      Signature: +$129
      Standard: +$314
      Magura MT7
      Signature: +$222
      Standard: +$406
      Magura MT8
      Signature: +$314
      Standard: +$499
      Avid BB7 - Speed Dial 7 Set
      Signature: -$185
      Standard: Stock Option
      Spyke Brake - Lever Set
      Signature: -$133
      Standard: +$52

  • Front Hub Options:

  • Hope Fatsno Hub
    135, 142 or 150mm
    Signature: Stock Option
    Standard: Stock Option
    Schmidt SON28 Fatbike Dynamo Hub
    135 or 150mm
    Signature: +$320
    Standard: +$320

  • Rim Options: 

  • Halo Tundra (80 mm)
    Signature: -$142
    Standard: Stock Option
    Surly Other Brother Darryl (82mm)
    Signature: -$36
    Standard: +$104
    Surly Marge Lite (65 mm)
    Signature: -$102
    Standard: +$40
    Surly Clown Shoe (100 mm)
    Signature: Stock Option
    Standard: +$142
    Surly Rabbit Hole 26" (50mm)
    Signature: -$102
    Standard: +$40
    Whisky #9 Carbon (70mm)
    Signature: +$914
    Standard: +$1056
    MUIeFUT (80mm)
    Signature: -$32
    Standard: +$110
    DT Big Ride (81mm)
    Signature: +$71
    Standard: +$212

  • Tire Options:

  • Bulldozer (26x4.7")
    120tpi Silica
    Signature: -$16
    Standard: +$92
    Surly Bud & Lou (26x4.8")
    Signature: Stock Option
    Standard: +108

    Surly Knard (26x3.8")
    Signature: -$108
    Standard: Stock Option
    Surly BF Knard (26x4.8")
    Signature: Stock Option
    Standard: +$108
    Snowshoe XL (26x4.8")
    120tpi Silica (No Stud)
    Signature: Stock Option
    Standard: +$108
    Mammoth (26x4.25")
    Signature: -$6
    Standard: +$102
    Vanhelga (26x4.0")
    Signature: +$15
    Standard: +$123

  • Nipple Options:

  • Brass: Black, Silver
    Stock Option

    Blue, Gold, Silver, Green, Purple, Black, Red