23 November 2015

Singetrailer and Streamliner - Trail Worthy Child Trailers from Tout Terrain

On the go: Family ride with the Tout Terrain Streamliner trail-a-bike and Tout Terrain Singletrailer
For cycling families, Tout Terrain offers the most trail- and street-worthy bike trailers, complete with a 5-point harness system and suspension that enhances the fun, comfort, and safety for your child.

The Tout Terrain trailer product portfolio is divided into three categories URBAN, OFFROAD and TOUR to meet your needs.

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Trail riding with Tout Terrain's Singletrailer for infants to small children

The Singletrailer is the ideal trailer for all mountain bikers who want to enjoy the trails together with their families. 

Tout Terrain Streamliner Suspended Bike Trailer

With the Singletrailer, real mountain bike rides are possible even across the roughest terrain. The child sits in an extra-light but highly durable CrMo steel chassis with a roll bar and is cushioned by a custom shock that provides up to 200mm/8" of travel. The Singletrailer is just under 18" wide – narrower than your mountain bike handlebars – and weighs just under 21 lbs.

Tout Terrain Singletrailer out on a touring expedition


  • Compatible with all wheel sizes (adult bike)
  • Custom valved, high quality air sprung shock for tuning the shock performance to your child's body weight
  • 160 (6.3") or 200 mm (8") of rear wheel travel (adjustable)
  • Stable and crash-proof frame with roll bar from CrMo steel
  • Lateral forces have hardly any effect on your child thanks to corner banking
  • Five-point safety seat belt with padding
  • High quality, comfortable seat made from breathable material
  • Seat with PU foam prevents the child from becoming chilly or overheating
  • High quality CNC-produced joint with ball-bearing for solid connection to the towing bike
  • Low rolling resistance due to single-wheel design
  • Easy to handle due to the low overall weight of just 21 lbs
  • For children from 3 months (with baby carrier) to approx. 5 years (max. 55 lbs)
  • Price: $1750
  • http://cyclemonkey.bigcartel.com/product/tout-terrain-single-child-trailers-singletrailer-streamliner-streamliner


Dad & daughter on a riding adventure with Tout Terrain's Streamliner tag-a-long trailer in Ferrari red

Tout Terrain Streamliner Tag-a-Long

Once your child has outgrown the Singletrailer, the fun really starts: your child can join you on the trail for longer distances, still enjoying the ride as your passenger. This trail-a-bike style encourages your child to work on learning to pedal, maintain balance, and experience the joy of trail riding. Like the Singletrainler, the Streamliner is perfectly suited to real trail riding and extended touring with 160mm/6.3" of suspension travel to provide comfort and safety to your child.


  • Compatible with all wheel sizes (adult bike)
  • 160 mm (6.3") rear wheel travel
  • Custom valved, high quality air sprung shock for tuning the shock performance to your child's body weight
  • High quality CNC -produced joint with ball-bearing for connection to towing bike
  • Ergonomic, smooth-running and child-friendly components with high performance brake
  • Low rolling resistance due to single-wheel design
  • Easy handling due to the low overall weight of just 19 lbs
  • For children between 4 and about 7 years respectively up to a maximum of 75 lbs body weight
  • Price: $1550
  • http://cyclemonkey.bigcartel.com/product/tout-terrain-single-child-trailers-singletrailer-streamliner-streamliner

Streamliner +

Once your child is ready to ride on their own, the Streamliner+ kit converts the Streamliner trailer bike into your child's first full bike.  The seatpost attachment pole gets removed from the Streamliner and gets replaced with a front end having a headset, suspension fork, front wheel, and front disc brake.


Tout Terrain Design Features


Less is more. The less weight you need to handle, the more fun it is. TT designs products with weight optimization in mind to give you the features you really need without weighing down the trailer.


Trailer Suspension - Singletrailer - Tout Terrain

Over 50 % of vibrations are reduced by an integral suspension system in a child's trailer. Tout Terrain uses air-spring shocks commonly used on high quality bikes which offer considerably enhanced comfort in comparison to systems without suspension. It is not just in off-road applications that suspension is in demand. When you ride with your trailer over curbstones, cobblestones, or through potholes the suspension absorbs harsh impacts and vibrations, and guarantees the greatest possible protection and comfort for your child.

Safety belt with 5-point harness

On the Singletrailer, a 5-point harness system is an integral part of the safety features of the trailer. In case of an accident, this 5-point harness system provides more security for your child within the trailer, compared to simple lap-belt systems used in most trailers.


Apart from the suspension, the design of the chassis drives performance and comfort. The single wheeled construction of Tout Terrain trailers improves ground contact, reduces unsprung weight, minimizes impacts on the passengers and increases the security during the ride. Due to the one wheel design, the trailer always follows the bike, has less rolling resistance and therefore offers a much wider riding spectrum without sacrificing safety.

Ease of Installation

The hitch quickly links the trailer to your bike. This design reduces play at the joint to guarantee a smooth ride for both pilot and passenger. Premium bearings guarantee a great long-term functionality.

Tout Terrain's Singletrailer on a family ride to the pier

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