05 April 2016

Demo Bike: Lenz Lunchmoney Full Suspension Trail Bike with Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 and Gates Carbon Drive Belt

This Lenz Sport LunchMoney is one of two new demo bikes that came about as a project to combine a Gates Carbon Drive belt drive and Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 internal gear hub with a full suspension frame. To accomplish this goal, we got in touch with Devin Lenz, who created one of the first - and still one of the only - suspension frames that is compatible with a tensioned single speed chain or belt. We worked with him on a few design details, then put in an order for a medium frame with 27.5+ wheels and an XL frame with 29+ wheels.

Lenz Sport is a small company in Colorado that makes mountain bikes for most types of trail use and ski bikes to keep "riding" through the winter. They were an early adopter of full suspension bikes with 29" wheels, and possibly the first to offer a long travel 29"-wheeled bike. They do all of their own manufacturing in house, including CNC machining the frame connection pieces, bending tubing, forming sheet metal into large multi-shaped down tubes, welding, and powder coating. Lenz takes great pride in their process because it allows them to have full control of their designs and offer custom builds. This video provides a look inside their factory.

Lenz's newest model, called the LunchMoney, is a cross between their Lunchbox trail bike, which has a traditional swingarm pivot slightly above and behind the BB shell, and MilkMoney single speed cross country bike, which uses Lenz's BB-concentric pivot. It has a more relaxed head angle, larger travel, and beefier tubing like the trail bike and the bottom bracket-concentric pivot like the XC bike to create a fun, belt-compatible trail machine. 

The LunchMoney also gets a new main pivot design that uses sealed cartridge bearings for smoother operation, no creaking, and  better performance than with the old delrin bushing. We also worked with Devin Lenz to tweak this model to get both geometry and tire clearance right for running 3" "plus" tires.

While we waited for the frames to arrive, we had our Wheel House build the wheels for these demo bikes using Sun Ringle MuleFUT rims, Sapim Race spokes, Hope front hubs, Rohloff rear hubs, and Panaracer FatBNimble tires.

The Rohloff SPEEDHUB is a great fit for a trail bike. Its durability and all weather performance provides dependability in any riding conditions. The internal shifting is sealed from the elements and kept out of harm's way. With the addition of the Gates Carbon Drive belt, which has a usable lifespan at least twice as long as a conventional chain (and typically much longer) and does not require lubrication, this is one of the most low maintenance and dependable drivetrains available.

We used these builds as test platforms for the Cinq5 Shift:R trigger shifting system, which we reviewed here: Tech Talk: Neil's Cinq5 Shift:R Rohloff Trigger Shifter ReviewThis shifting option for the Rohloff SPEEDHUB offers the familiar trigger feel that most trail riders are used to. 

The system is comprised of two shift levers - one for each hand, with one shifting into a harder gear and the other into an easier gear - and a ratchet box that connects to the external shift mechanism, replacing the Rohloff cable box. The shift levers are simple spring loaded levers that pull and release a small length of cable, with the ratchet box being the heart of the system. 

The ratchet box allows the shift lever to pull the small amount of cable, advance the SPEEDHUB to it's next gear, then release and reset. The system allows 1-2 gear changes per lever throw (2 when shifting in the same direction, 1 when changing direction due to the backlash in the system).

These Lenz LunchMoneys were an exciting project. We had been looking for ways to offer a full suspension build with a Rohloff SPEEDHUB and Gates Carbon Drive belt drivetrain for some time. Lenz worked with us to make it happen. The outcome is a fun, fully capable trail bike.

If you are looking for something like the Lenz LunchMoney and want to give it a try before you buy, give us a call to schedule a test ride.

Build Details:

• Frame: Lenz Sport LunchMoney
• Fork: Manitou Magnum
• Headset: Cane Creek 40
• Stem: Thomson Elite X4
• Handlebar: Thomson Downhill
• Shifter: Cinq5 Shift:R
• Grips: ODI Rogue Lock-on
• Seatpost: Thomson Elite Dropper
• Saddle: SQ Lab 611 Active
• Front Hub: Hope ProII
• Rear hub: Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14
• Spokes: Sapim Race
• Nipples: Sapim Brass
• Rims: Sun Ringle MuleFUT
• Tires: Panaracer Fat B Nimble
• Cranks: Race Face Turbine
• Pedals: Acros A-Flat
• Bottom Bracket: Race Face
• Chain ring: Gates Carbon Drive
• Rear Sprocket: Gates Carbon Drive
• Chain: Gates Carbon Drive Belt
• Brakes & Levers: Magura MTS
• Rotors: Magura Storm

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