14 May 2012

Rohloff-Equipped Steve Potts Cyclocross Travel Bike

We got these photos of a Steve Potts titanium road/cyclocross bike from Mike Valley at Black Mountain Cycles, one of our Rohloff dealers in Pt. Reyes, CA.  The frame was on display at Steve Potts' booth at NAHBS, and the bike was assembled shortly after the show.  Steve made the titanium frame and stem, as well as the steel fork.  The goal was a multi-purpose bike that could be used on pavement with skinny tires or dirt roads with larger tires.  S&S couplings allow the frame to separate into two pieces that can be packed into a box that meets airlines' maximum baggage dimensions, saving the exorbitant fees that some airlines charge to transport a bicycle.  Titanium is a great frame material for a travel bike because it is scratch, dent, and chip resistant, so it won't get banged up in transit.  The Rohloff SPEDHUB 500/14 offers a travel-friendly drivetrain that doesn't have any derailleurs hanging down that could potentially get damaged.  Paragon Machine Works sliding dropouts provide a means for tensioning the chain and anchoring the hub's axle.