08 November 2018

REEB Pinion-Equipped Trail Hardtail

This Pinion-equipped REEB hardtail was built for a customer in Roseville, CA, who was looking for a no-fuss build that would shine on the smoother trails surrounding his home. With a Zerode Taniwha enduro bike already in the quiver, the customer was familiar with the wide gear range and minimal maintenance that are the hallmarks of Pinion’s gearbox. Wanting to further increase the easy-factor with this hardtail rig, we paired the gearbox with a Gates Carbon Drive belt system for a no-worries drivetrain that would allow him to spend his precious free time exploring the local trails, not fussing with derailleur adjustments or obsessing over readings from his chain-checker. 

In line with this preference for durable, simple components that simply work, the customer requested a steel frame with versatile geometry that could handle techier outings, but was highly efficient on the smoother rides that would be its daily bread-and-butter. The final ask? Something made in the US of A.