29 June 2017

A Look Inside Syntace

Walk into Syntace HQ in Tacherting, Germany, and you won’t see a showroom, products on display, or a flashy storefront. You’ll see a workshop, a design team, a CNC mill, and testing machines. Lots and lots of testing machines.

Over the last decade, Syntace hasn’t concerned itself with bright colors or loud graphics. Syntace’s only focus has been to engineer the strongest, most durable, and overall highest performing components on the market.

Engineering & Testing
Anyone who has spent days on end touring, bikepacking, or riding blown out bikepark trails knows how badly fatigue can impact a rider. For this reason, Syntace engineers vibration damping qualities and compliance into their seatposts and handlebars. The components are stiff enough to provide responsive handling while still being compliant enough to keep fatigue at bay.

But Syntace doesn’t just stand out solely because of their design, they stand out because their engineering is evaluated time after time, with a level of meticulousness that borders on obsessive.

A percentage of every production batch that comes in from Taiwan is tested to the point of failure at Syntace’s Taiwanese factory, and again at their German headquarters. If the data from both of these tests does not match historical performance, the batch won’t be allowed to reach consumers. And since all of the testing is done in house, Syntace can always be sure that their own product testing is consistent.

When pushed to the limits that would ordinarily warp or snap other components, Syntace’s engineered compliance keeps their components intact. Not surprisingly, Syntace is confident enough in their components to back them up with a ten year warranty.

Ride with peace of mind knowing that your components will be performing for years to come.