Cycle Monkey founder Neil Flock starting down a trail in Polipoli Spring State Park on Maui

At Cycle Monkey, we live and breathe bikes—we love to ride them, work on them, and talk about them, from road to mountain and everything in between. We have specialized tools to work on just about anything. When you ask us to service your Rohloff SPEEDHUB, build a new set of wheels, or overhaul your suspension fork, you get the real-world expertise that comes from 20 years of riding, racing, and wrenching on bikes.

Cycle Monkey was founded in fall of 2005 to service suspension forks for mountain bikers living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Custom wheel building was soon added both as a passion of our founder and to address the decline in the number of qualified wheelsmiths as the cycling market moves towards complete factory-built wheels.

Today, our primary focus is technical sales of the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 and Schlumpf gearing systems as the premier US distributor of these products. We assist individual customers, builders, and bike shops in building or retrofitting bikes for the best low-maintenance, drive trains out there. We are currently working on developing complete packages around these drive trains in order to give customers the best rides with high reliability. 

We pride ourselves on staying informed about the latest technology for both road and mountain bikes. We routinely attend manufacturers' training classes and keep up-to-date on the latest service manuals. We have a far more complete toolset than the average bike shop, including specialized tools for Rohloff, Schlumpf, suspension, frame prep, and component servicing. When it comes time to install a new part or repair an older one, we know what we're doing before we pick up a wrench. We admit it: we're tech geeks. It's a badge of honor to have memorized specs for most suspension forks produced.

Outside the shop, we've got thousands of real-world miles in our legs on trails and the road, from training, racing, and just having fun. Our founder, Neil Flock, got his first mountain bike at age 10 and started wrenching at a bike shop at age 13. He continued to improve his riding and wrenching skills throughout high school and college, and later raced on the road at the Cat 2 level for a couple years after college. Neil has devoted the last several years supporting sales and service for Rohloff, now through Cycle Monkey.

Leveraging Neil's Mechanical Engineering degree and some professional product design experience, we developed the Monkey Bone. We have several new projects in the works, so please check back with us for future accessories that enhance the Rohloff SPEEDHUB.